From concept to sea

Welcome to Technicomposit, where your nautical dreams meet with the prestige of a unique experience. Passionate boatbuilders for over 25 years, we proudly bring to life your ambitions, with dedication and precision.

Embark on a journey through art, innovation, expertise and experience.

Bringing your dream to life, from concept to sea

At Technicomposit, yacht building is a form of art. Every yacht we build is a testament to our commitment to nautical excellence. Embark on a journey of art, innovation, craftsmanship and experience. We know that a boat is the extension of a dream, a vision. The realisation of an ideal.

Yacht building, Technicomposit approach

The art of yacht building

With Technicomposit, the yacht building process is a meticulous blend of traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology. From the design and modelling of the hull, to the construction of the deck, to the selection of the finest materials, we ensure at every stage that the craftsmanship perfectly match your vision. Pushing the horizon further and further would be our art.

Innovation on water

In the demanding world of yachting, innovation is key to success. We are constantly looking to introduce new features, materials and technologies that enhance the performance, safety and comfort of our vessels. Whether it’s a stylish powerboat, a classic or a sporty sailing yacht, our commitment to technology ensures that every creation is at the forefront of maritime excellence.

Each adventure is unique

There are no identical journeys and neither should be the boats that undertake them. At Technicomposit we understand the importance of customisation. Our boats are built around your specific needs, preferences and sailing aspirations. From the layout of the deck to the choice of materials, every detail is considered to ensure that building your yacht is a source of pleasure and pride.

Trusted quality

Quality is the cornerstone of our yacht building philosophy. To ensure it meets the highest standards of safety and performance, every boat is rigorously monitored, tested and inspected. From keel to mast, we leave nothing to chance in order to deliver a boat that will stand the test of time.

Designing unique, customised

and high performing parts

Immerse yourself in the exclusive world of our nautical design workshop. We specialise in creating unique and tailor made pieces for all types of boats, including prestige yachts. Each project begins with a personalised approach, meticulously tailored to the client’s requirements. To guarantee performance, durability and perfect integration, every part is designed with the upmost care.

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