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We work with the world’s best designers, architects and engineers on a regular basis.
A synergy motivated by the guarantee that expertise ensures the impeccable to the new when it comes to yacht refits.

Interior and exterior

structural optimisation

Partner of excellence

Interior and exterior

Style, function, comfort and durability

At Technicomposit, the yacht refit process is a meticulous blend of traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology. From the design and modelling of the hull, to the construction of the deck, to the selection of the finest materials, we ensure at every stage that the craftsmanship perfectly match your vision. Pushing the horizon further and further would be our art.

Optimising space

With limited space, yachts require a considered approach to design. We specialise in optimising space, ensuring that every nook and cranny has a purpose without compromising the aesthetics. Our yacht refit and structural optimisation service is characterised by a completely personalised approach.

Customisation after purchase

Have you just purchased a new yacht or boat? Customise it to make your vessel a true reflection of your style and an enjoyable space for your maritime adventures. Explore our yacht refit portfolio and let us transform your yacht to best fit your wishes.
Technicomposit ingenierie maritime yacht refit vespucciTechnicomposit ingenierie maritime yacht refit vespucci

Yacht refit, transformation
structural optimisation

Our yacht refit and structural optimisation service is characterised by a completely personalised approach. Each refit is a bespoke work of art, meticulously tailored to your preferences, combining comfort, style and performance to create an unrivalled sailing experience.

Quality control

We are accustomed to work with international standards as well as quality control agencies like BV, Lloyd, Rina, ABS and others. Our commitment to these standards guarantees rigorous compliance and exceptional quality in every yacht refit and renovation project we handle. A proven track record and commitment towards excellence on the national and international level.

Networking and collaboration

Each of our yacht refit and conversion projects is carried out in close collaboration and as a team, with specialists selected over the years.

We create a synergy between the various trades to ensure a harmonious execution, where the expertise of each contributes to the overall success.



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Dynamics engineer



Value and investment

The addition of modern features and enhanced functionality significantly increases the resale value of your vessel, making it more attractive to potential buyers and charter clients.

Extended lifetime

Beyond the allure of luxury, a well-maintained yacht will extend its life. As well as allowing you to continue your maritime adventures in complete safety, it also offers practical and financial benefits, making it a wise long-term investment.

Yacht refit projects

Emergency and accident

In case of an emergency, wherever you are in the Mediterranean Sea, we take your vessel in charge directly at the accident site in order to ensure the quickest possible reaction. This extended response capability reflects our commitment to maritime safety, in the most critical moments.

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Emergency and Accident