Shipyard for 25 years


Technology and high performance at sea

Driven by the thrill of speed on water and a deep passion for high-level sailing, the Technicomposit shipyard team initially set out to build 28-foot composite catamarans to showcase their technical and maritime expertise.

After our TORNADO won the gold medal in Barcelona under the supervision of Nicolas Hénard, we focused on developing our shipyard and won the European Formula 28 championship in 1997. That helped us accelerate the sale of our boat in the Unites States.

1997 European Champion, in Formula 28

1992 Olympic Gold medal with Nicolas Hénard

Fast intervention boat for the French Army

Expertise and consultancy

Thanks to the experience and maritime culture of our experts, the Technicomposit shipyard has rapidly become on of the leading shipyard on the French Riviera. Marine professionals such as Fountaine Pajot, Beneteau, Nautor’s Swan, architects and marine engineering companies regularly call on our expertise and ability to develop new solutions.

This mix of expertise and extreme agility also earned us a reputation for solving problems on sailing and motor boats, related to accidents or construction defects.

Redefining the boundaries
of marine engineering

Our innovative approach ensures bespoke solutions for complex projects. At our shipyard we create spectacular conversions, innovative interiors and exteriors, and specialise in creating unique and tailor made solutions.

With our 25 years of expertise, our team raised Technicomposit to lead its market on the French Riviera. Explore our world of expertise and discover how we are redefining the boundaries of marine engineering.

Technicomposit ingenierie maritime Jean Baptiste Brugere
"When the love of a job well done meet an excellent collaborative team, they stimulate and ensure the success of a company."

Jean Baptiste BRUGÈRE

Technicomposit ingenierie maritime Kevin Lieutaud
"What I love most is handling meticulous and demanding projects. Whatever the challenge, we reach the objective."


Our story


In 1987, Jean Baptiste Brugère created MistralTechnic. After sailing at a high level and working in shipyards along the Atlantic coast (Fontaine Pajot, Team Royale), he settled near the port of Antibes. He found his clientele and, simultaneously, pursued his sailing ambitions, including crossing the Atlantic with his own boat, before selling it in the United States.


Transitioning from craftsmanship to a structured company, Jean Baptiste Brugère establishes Technicomposit in 1996. With his associate, Laurent Paturle, they will make Technicomposit an essential player in ambitious projects and seemingly impossible repairs.


The company thrives, and hires continue to come in. Kevin Lieutaud, barely 19 years old, joins the team. Skilled, courageous, willing, and supportive, he quickly establishes himself as Jean Baptiste Brugère’s trusted right-hand man.


Laurent Paturle decides to set sail for Brittany and joins the top level SODEBO team. He passes the torch to Kevin Lieutaud.


At 33 years old, Kevin Lieutaud partners with Jean Baptiste Brugère. In perpetual evolution, Technicomposit’s story is one of a team and a journey, where expertise takes on its full meaning in transmission.


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