S/Y 30m – Bridge building

Designed by Blubay Architects and calculated by Rivoyre Ingénierie, the project involves the construction of the entire deck superstructure above the liveaboard for a 100-foot catamaran. Made by Technicomposit from an IGES plan. The centrale pod structure of the boat (16x11x2,60m) was transported to La Ciotat in two parts and then assembled on the platform manufactured by Composite Work.

To create the wooden deck mould, the couples were laid on marble and edged with smooth panels, then shaped at the panel joints. The structure was cut in two to allow it to be transported by special convoy. On arrival at La Ciotat, the two parts were assembled, welded and repainted to match the composite structure.

The process of vacuum moulding the deck with carbon fabric included peripheral and central draping and the installation of reinforcements. Despite the logistical challenges, the successful assembly of two parts built in different locations is a clear proof of the team’s excellence and the impeccable coordination of the project.


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