M/Y 10m – Built for the French army

Following a tender from the French government, our team conceived and built an airportable fast intervention boat. With a long range (410 miles), she has a top speed of 49 knots and a cruising speed of 45 knots, for a length of 10.45 metres. It can be transported by road, with a width of 2.55 metres.

The manufacturing process includes hull draping and infusion, longitudinal reinforcement and installation of the engine support structure and diesel tank area, with a cockpit support. The 440 hp engines, accompanied by a 2-speed gearbox, are fitted with a transmission equipped with surface propellers for propulsion.

The speedboat is designed for a crew of three, with dual electronic controls and shock-mounted seats for comfort and safety.
Last but not least, the design allows road transport in line with air-transportable dimensions, notably via the C13H130.


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