M/Y 36m – Refit and new engines

This refit project of a 2019 Sunliner is an impressive endeavor that showcases the diversity of expertise and craftsmanship of the Technicomposit teams. Completed in four months, this composite renovation project involved a series of complex steps.

The first phase of the project involved opening the planking on the port and starboard sides to facilitate engine replacement. During this impressive step, a metal frame was put in place to support the deck and prevent its collapse. With the help of a high-capacity forklift, the old engines were removed and the new ones installed. This was followed by a series of operations to close the planking, including preparation, stratification, finishing putty, and paint application.

The second major phase of the project focused on refurbishing the hull, with a meticulous process of planing, sanding, and vacuum stratification of Kevlar and glass fabrics laid out in gradients on the surface and married to vinyl ester resin. This step, carried out on a surface of 10 meters by 2 meters, strengthened the hull and ensured its resistance to marine conditions.

The third step was dedicated to the installation of new stabilizers – approved by RINA. After the removal of the old structure, stratification was carried out in accordance with approved ABS plans. The work was controlled by classification. Once the polyester work was completed, we proceeded with the reception of the stabilo equipment.

Finally, the last step involved the replacement of the bow thruster, as well as the complete refurbishment of the deck and its reinforcements. This operation included changing the guindeaux reinforcements, refurbishing the 6 chaumard reinforcements, their installation, and then stratifying the entire deck after refurbishing the pontoon water passages and reinforcing supports on the flying bridge. Other tasks included the fabrication of new hiloire linings and skirtings, as well as the installation of new teak deck coverings.


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