S/Y 12m – Hull repair

Stranded on a beach, the yacht suffered a perforated hull. The repair project required a precise and technical intervention. By replacing the damaged section of the hull and renovating the affected interior, the team restored the vessel’s structural integrity and aesthetics. The paintwork has been meticulously finished to ensure that no trace of the repair […]

S/Y – 3 boats – Emergency accident

Technicomposit ingenierie maritime urgence en Corse

Following a storm in the northwestern part of Corsica, over 200 boats were thrown onto the rocks. Called urgently by insurance experts, Technicomposit immediately intervened for 3 boats in order to salvage what is repairable. Our experts made the boats navigable to undertake the crossing to the mainland for repair in shipyards in Cannes and […]

M/Y 33m – Integral gelcoat

Technicomposit ingenierie maritime réparation de yacht

Technicomposit recently completed a project on a 33 meter Ferretti which involved the application of a full gelcoat. 400 sqm of surface were treated according to Ferretti warranty standard. This technique not only revitalised the aesthetics of this luxury yacht, but also played a vital role in protecting it from the elements. Gelcoat provides a […]


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