The Blubay, our latest construction.

Originally a Rhino design.

Finally the deck superstructure of a 100' catamaran ( 270 m2 surface area).

The Blubay 100's cabin roof was produced in a female mould, made from laminated wood and plywood battens.

The Blubay 100's cabin roof dimensions (17 metres long by 9.5 metres wide and 3.5 metres high) made us turn to production of a female mould in plywood and melamine. This technique has the advantage of producing geometrically accurate components (to the nearest millimetre) which are also very light. In fact the shaping filler is applied to the mould rather than to the component.

Production of the blubay's cabin roof

  • Fitting the frames, which are cut out numerically.
  • Fitting the external skin of the mould to the frames: this external skin is realised in melamine for the flat surfaces and in plywood strips for the geometrically complex shapes.  
  • Mould quality finishing using filler and polyester paint.
  • Waxing
  • Laminating the exterior skins under vacuum. The tissues are pre-impregnated using a machine, which allows the optimum proportion of resin to be obtained; the tissues are then positioned by hand.
    • The lamination is then put under vacuum until it polymerises.
    • The PVC foam is then bonded under vacuum. High-density foam is used for high-stress areas (winch bases, fittings). Once the foam has been bonded under vacuum, we carry out the lamination of the interior skin of the sandwich, again under vacuum.
  • Bonding of the structural reinforcements.
  • Transport to la Ciotat :
    • To allow transport, we have cut the component along its longitudinal axis. Each half was loaded onto an articulated lorry as a wide load, demanding a lot of patience and professionalism. The transporters reached la Ciotat in a week.


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Other recent Constructions

Blubay 100's boom and forward crossbeam:

For the Blubay 100, we built a boom in pre-impregnated carbon and Nomex sandwich.
Here are a few stages in the construction :

  • Pre-form
    • Construction of a plywood skinned pre-form on numerically cut frames.
  • Mould construction
    • Vinylester resin infusion moulding.
  • Lay up of the component
  • The component under sail
  • Crossbeam + compression strut  - After structural calculations and producing the plans at De Ryvoire Engineering, we began the construction of the Blubay 100's beams:
    • First stage : construction of the moulds
    • Second stage : lamination in pre-impregnated carbon
    • Third stage : finishing and painting.


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